About Taji

snapchat-1895178926029803690Hi there! I’m Taji and I currently live in Austin, Tx. I always wanted to be that person with an exceptional talent in baking or a great eye for interior design. But I’m not, and I’ve learned that’s just fine. Through my many, many failed attempts at several hobbies, I’ve gained perseverance and even more so perspective. I decided I would start blogging because I’ve always loved writing and trying new things. I’m exploring and documenting parts of my life that I love and I wish I could excel in and by sharing it with you, hopefully you can understand the peace and the freedom of learning and failing and moving up and on. From Taji, With Love is my passion project where you can expect blogs on DIY, Decor, Recipes, Hair, Marriage and more. It’s my way of sharing all my loves with the world.


So a little more about me: I grew up a military brat and after graduation I moved to San Marcos, Tx to go to Texas State University where I got degree in Computer Information Systems in Spring of 2015 (Sidenote: I changed my major twice before I landed on CIS. Are you still surprised that I don’t have a designated hobby?). While in college, I met the love of my life, Robert and we got married on New Years Eve of 2015. We got our adorable Blue Heeler, Harper, in last August and she’s done nothing but bring happiness and excitement to our lives. She’s our little fur baby until we have our own human baby. (Did I just say human baby?… You get it)

So a couple extra fun facts about me:
– Favorite Color: Just about every shade of blue, but most specifically, ‘Cloudless Sky Blue’
– Favorite Food: Soul food and Chinese food
– My Spirit Animal: Either a Sloth or a Cat
– Favorite Movie: It’s a tie between Pretty Woman and the whole Die Hard franchise
– Favorite Song: Vienna by Billy Joel
– Dream Vacation: To stay in a cabin on the Grand Canyon and explore the canyon and drink tea and watch the sunset with Robert. Is that too specific?
– Favorite TV Shows: House MD forever. I also love Dexter and Parks and Rec (though I cry at the series finale like I lost a loved one, every. single. time.)
– Celebrity Crush: Ed Sheeran and Bruce Willis (Looooove me some Bruce Willy)
– Guilty Pleasure: I honestly don’t even feel guilty, but I love watching Dance Moms.

So that’s probably more than you even wanted to know, but welcome to my blog! I’m glad you’re here!