My Travel Bucket List

My Travel Bucket List
Hello! So I know it’s only March, but I’m already feeling the need for a vacation! My office seems so empty this week with some many people out on vacation and enjoying the spring break. What I wouldn’t do for a long vacation!! Sitting outside, no where to be, books to read, and naps to take. I’m definitely the type to love wide open spaces, clear air, and having the chance to create my old fun. Normal Taji isn’t usually the country girl type, but Vacation Taji wants to be away from civilization and enjoying a bit of solitude. So I thought, what better way to try and heal my no-vacation blues then to put together and share my travel bucket list.
Also, FYI, all these photos are from a stock photo site. I don’t own any of them. Obviously, because that would require having gone there. Duh!

  1. The Grand Canyon
    Travel to Grand Canyon
  2. The Grand Canyon has always been #1 on my bucket list. The wide open spaces, the fresh air, and the natural beauty of the world we live in. I don’t know how I still haven’t been yet, but hopefully I’ll make it there in the next year or so.

  3. Ireland
    Travel to Ireland
  4. Even though Ireland is often muggy and rainy, I would love to go see the castles and all the wonders that behold this magical place. Plus, I NEED to eat potatoes and drink beer in Ireland!

  5. Vienna
    Travel to Vienna
  6. So one of my all time favorites songs is Vienna by Billy Joel and ever since I first heard this song, I’ve felt the need to visit this place.

  7. The Taj Mahal
    Travel to Taj Mahal
  8. So I won’t tell the whole story but my name now that I’m married is Taji Hall and growing up, I was often called Taj Mahal by family and friends. It was even on my lettermans in high school. It’s always been a place that I’ve wanted to visit and learn more about.

  9. Jamaica
    Travel to Jamaica
  10. Even though I love the idea of a vacation in peace and quite, doing the bold and exciting adventures of Jamaica sounds amazing!

  11. Any/Everywhere In Africa
    Travel to Africa
  12. I know that I absolutely want to go to Africa. Where? I haven’t decided yet, but I definitely want to do a Safari and experience the culture of the motherland.

  13. Greece
    Travel to Greece
  14. Everything about Greece has amazed me with beauty. The culture, the food, the colors, the waters. It’s looks so beautiful and if I could ever go, I definitely would.

  15. Anywhere Where I Can See The Northern Lights
    Travel to Northern Lights
  16. Similar to the Grand Canyon, seeing the Northern Lights is like watching the glory of God to me. That he created such beautiful art of the art is mesmorizing and deserves so much attention.

  17. Italy
    Travel to Italy
  18. I would love to just pac a small bag and just travel all through Italy. Eat bread, drink wine, and love everything.

  19. Tuscany
    Travel to Tuscany
  20. So more specifically than Italy, I would love to visit Tuscany. Based on what I read and pictures, everything about it seems so beautiful and relaxing. I just want to go sit in a field with my glass of wine and watch the sun set.

So sadly, after putting this post together, I’m definitely itching to travel! Where have you been lately? Where do you want to go? What’s on your travel bucket list? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!

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