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Self Care PlaylistHello! You guys, I’m in need of such a long, deep sleep. Which is exactly why I wanted to post this blog today. I feel like with women, we often do so much (and some of it most likely goes unnoticed) that we don’t take time for self care. If self care is a new concept to you, let me explain. Self care is defined as identifying your needs and then taking steps to meet them. It’s when you feel sick and you go buy yourself some soup. Or when your skin gets dry and you spend a few extra dollars on the super hydrating lotion. But self care isn’t just about meeting your physical needs, it’s also about meeting your emotional needs or your spiritual needs. It’s about taking care of yourself in a way that others may not be able to. Think about it like this: when you’re on an airplane and the flight attendant tells you in case of an emergency, if the oxygen masks deploy, help yourself before helping those around you. What good are we to others if we’re not feeling fulfilled or satisfied or even just stable? Self care is putting on your oxygen mask so you’re set to help others.

I’m not always quick to admit it, but I am a bit of an emotional person. I live life on my own personal emotional roller coaster. I remember often being told to just be happier or that things could always be worse. And while, yes, things could always be worse, but I’m still going through them. I obviously can’t speak for everyone, but I’m someone who needs to acknowledge their feelings, sulk in them for a bit, and then gather myself and take the necessary steps to move on.

Music is such a powerful healing element. I grew up always listening to music, I played in band all through middle and high school, and even today you can find me with an earbud in majority of the time. There’s something beautiful in listening to someone sing, experiencing what they experience, and know that someone was feeling what you’re feeling right then. All that to say, this is a playlist that I put together that lets me live in the saves for a bit and then realize that I’m still a bad ass and that I can always kick ass, take names and never break a sweat. I put this playlist together in specific order of the rise and fall I often experience when I do my self care routine. I’ve included all the songs below and a link to my Spotify playlist. Luckily, all the songs were on Spotify except for Freedom by Beyonce, because you know… Queen Bey can’t make it easy for me.

I hope you guys enjoy and take some time to relax and take care of yourself. Also, what are your favorite self care songs? I’d love to know and add to my list!

Self Care Playlist

  1. Big White Room – Jessie J
  2. Skinny Love – Birdy
  3. Dancing – Elisa
  4. Back to Black – Amy Winehouse
  5. Give Me Love – Ed Sheeran
  6. Nothing Even Matters – The Lauryn Hill
  7. Like A Star – Corrine Bailey Rae
  8. Scared of Lonely – Beyonce
  9. Borderline – Solange
  10. Shake It Out – Florence + the Machine
  11. Feeling Good – Michael Buble
  12. Golden – Jill Scott
  13. I Lived – OneRepublic
  14. Freedom – Beyonce
  15. Girl On Fire – Alicia Keys
  16. Suvivor – Destiny’s Child
  17. Hallelujah – Jeff Buckley

Thanks for reading!

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6 thoughts on “My Self Care Playlist

  1. This playlist is EVERYTHING! I love this so much. You’re right, music is such a healing and powerful thing.

    As for my self-care song, Edge of Glory by Gaga always puts me in a great, inspired mood!

    1. Thanks Camille! Edge of Glory is an amazing song! Great choice! Thanks so much for reading!!

  2. I love the idea of a self-care playlist! I’ll be honest, I don’t listen to much since having kids, due to always having to listen for them if I’m not watching them. So, I’m pretty out of touch! Thanks for the suggestions!

  3. Girllll yes yes yes!! Since becoming a mom 4.5 years ago, I’ve really put myself on the back burner. One day a couple of months ago I found myself in the car, by myself, for an hour. I plugged my phone in and just hit shuffle. And. I. CRIED. Therapeutic tears of joy, sadness, and love. And I realized how much I missed MUSIC. It’s such a huge part of me. And, funny, because quite a few of these songs are on ‘my list’ that really bring me to joyful tears….
    Namely… 2. 4. 7. 10. and 17. OMG 17.

    Thanks for sharing! xo

    PS. I’ll be sharing on my FB page too!

    1. Thanks Rachel! I’ve totally been there, just sitting in the car and having a good, long, therapeutic cry! Number 17 is one of my favorite songs of all time! When I only have a few minutes and need to ground myself and take a minute, it’s what I play. Thanks so much for sharing, I appreciate it!!

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